Down To Earth [DTE] Publishes Unscientific Articles

Down To Earth publishes unscientific articles on Endosulfan. This magazine has also published in past a lab report on analysis of Endosulfan carried out by Centre For Science and Environment [CSE] lab. In said report, CSE has reported amount of Endosulfan 27 times higher than its scientifically established solubility in filtered water. Study conducted by CSE was funded by European Union. Activists

If such horror story entertains you, there is another one at:
Another Kasaragod
Author(s): Savvy Soumya Misra
Issue: Jan 31, 2011

The article starts with “Like Kerala’s Kasaragod, neighbouring Dakshina Kannada is bearing the brunt of spraying of endosulfan. While Kasaragod grabbed media spotlight and Kerala banned the pesticide, victims in Karnataka are still struggling for recognition”

The expert committee constituted by Government categorically concluded that there is no link between Endosulfan and alleaged health effects in Kasargod.

Now desparate attempts are made through DTE magazine to deceive public. The article states:

“If one cannot prove endosulfan as a causative factor, one cannot disprove it either.”

Media has selectively picked up only such horror sensationalizing stories which are not based on science.



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