Fabricated False Evidence against Endosulfan

Activists have created stories and have fabricated false evidence against Endosulfan. Obviously they were funded for carrying out campaigns against Endosulfan.

Many useful products like Endosulfan have become off-patent today, in due course of time. As anyone can manufacture these products, there is competition in the market. Consequently, these products have become available at an affordable price, and poor consumers are benefited. But some companies launch a campaign against such off-patent products through activists, with a view to prejudice people and impose a ban on such products. The result will be that, the off-patent products will be off-market. On one hand, the consumers will suffer as they will have to pay high price for patented products, and on the other hand, the small industry will also suffer, as the off-patent products which they manufacture will be banned with the help of activists


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