Endosulfan – Recommendations of Expert Committee

Government constituted Expert Committee under the chairmanship of Dr. C.D. Mayee to evaluate whether there is any link between Endosulfan and alleaged health effects.

Recommendations of the Expert Committee
1. There is no link established between use of Endosulfan in PCK plantations and health problems reported in Padre village.

2. Aerial spraying of pesticides may be allowed in case of national exigencies after permission of the Central Insecticides Board.

3. The application of all pesticides including Endosulfan is to be done adhering to regulatory stipulations in force from time to time.

4. The pesticides manufacturers should take necessary steps to promote & educate sellers & users to ensure correct and safe use of all pesticides.

5 Since India has adequate pre-registration data requirement and post registration review processes concerning use of pesticides, it is recommended that science based responses be made available to all stake holders and general public by registration authorities. There is often a huge gap between perception of the risk and actual scientific risk assessment. This gap is to be filled by proper and timely propagation of knowledge & information.

6 It is also recommended to conduct a comprehensive, well designed & detailed health & epidemiological study in the entire cashew plantation areas of Kerala to ascertain the incidences of diseases in Padre vis-a vis other relevant locations in Kerala State to investigate and if possible pin-point the probable factor that are responsible for alleged health problems at Padre.

7 Use of Endosulfan is not clearly linked to the alleged health problems in Kasargod district of Kerala. However, considering the apprehensions in the minds of the public in Kerala, the Committee recommends that it would be better if use of Endosulfan is kept on held in Kerala.

8 Finally, after considering all above factors and available reports, it is recommended that use of Endosulfan be continued as per provisions of Insecticides Act, 1968.

( S.R. Gupta) (Jyothi Lal)
Deputy Director General (PFA) Director, Agriculture, Kerala State
Member Member

(P.N. Maji) (R.B.L. Bhaskar)
Addl. Industrial Adviser Joint Director (Bio)
Member Secretary

( C.D Mayee)
Agriculture Commissioner


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