Taking Advantage

I am always amazed by the extent to which we humans take advantage of others’ problems. And we go to an even greater (read lower) extent when that person is not well equipped with knowledge about a certain thing related to his/her problem.

Take an example of my friend. He had this friend of his and she was feeling very lonely and wanted to be with someone. He took the opportunity and asked her out. They were together for a while and when the physical part of the relationship was done with, he dumped her. She was devastated. It was for her other friends that she got back to normal in a while.

Well, this happens not only on the personal level, but on the national level as well. Our dearest politicians make promises to the people who need them the most and hence, believe the politicians’ lies. And as it was all lie, the promises are never kept after they get elected.

Look at it this way, you are awfully hungry. A friend comes and offers you food in return of some work he wants you to do. You do the work, but afterwards he hands you pictures of food and not actual food. Won’t you feel enraged at his act? Didn’t he break your trust?

To give you an even better example, take the endosulfan issue. The NGOs offered help to the victims of some kind of disease. What they did at the same time was, took money from the EU and related the whole diseases and problems to endosulfan, the pesticide which was sprayed aerially in that area in Kerala. And sent out pictures of the victims all over the media and hence all over the world and created an anti-endosulfan view around the world. Well, i suppose the NGOs were there to help the victims, but if I know correctly, none of them have been properly helped. Neither did the NGOs help the victims, nor are they helping the government to help the victims and because of it, in whatever camps, etc are being organized by the government for the victims, people who are not victims are also joining it and taking advantages and the facilities that the government provides for the victims. Well, all this because i believe the NGOs never really wanted to work for the victims. What they took advantage of was the illiteracy of the villagers.

We all are bloody opportunists, what makes us good or bad is, how badly do we take advantage of others’ problems.There are some people though who never actually take advantage of others’ issues, but they are very rare.

What side would you want to end up on?


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