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The Kasargod conundrum

It appears that Endosulfan was good for the world only as long as the EU was manufacturing and exporting it. Endosulfan was a widely-used pest-protection in agricultural economies for decades. There have been no alleged ‘victims’ of Endosulfan anywhere in … Continue reading

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The Battle between European Pesticide Manufacturers and India’s Farmers

Since India overtook the global production of Endosulfan, Indian farmers were able to amply reap the benefits of this beneficial-friendly, cost-effective pesticide. Assumed to be in use for almost three decades in India prominently in the states of West Bengal, … Continue reading

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Endosulfan ban: no clear battle lines drawn

Bangalore: Mohammed Asheel, assistant nodal officer of the Kerala government’s endosulfan rehabilitation programme, recalls his initial scepticism at the reported effects of the fertilizer in Kasargod, the northernmost district of Kerala. “I found it difficult to believe that 158 different … Continue reading

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Farmers from Gulbarga disagree with the ban in Karnataka

Farmers from Gulbarga on Wednesday filed a miscellaneous petition in the high court to implead them in a petition filed by Endosulfan Manufacturers’ and Formulators’ Welfare Association (EMFWA) challenging the endosulfan ban imposed by the government. The farmers claimed that … Continue reading

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Endosulfan: It’s role in pollination & Integrated Pest Management

Endosulfan is the only known cost effective generic insecticide which is soft on beneficials and safe for use during pollination. Only Endosulfan is recommended as a first spray during pollination by agriculture scientists and entomologists worldwide. Alternatives have been found … Continue reading

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No alternative to Endosulfan leaves horticulture industry struggling

A BAN on further manufacturing of the “workhorse” pesticide, endosulfan, has left the horticulture industry suddenly struggling to find a replacement product to control several challenging insect pests. Some cotton growers may also be caught short by the Federal Government … Continue reading

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